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About Us

Connectronix Custom Audio/Video

Connectronix was established in 2000, by Steve & Tabatha Hintz.
After attending electronics school together, they took their passion and love of technology and electronics, and started a custom audio/video business like none other. They wanted to share their passion with customers that would appreciate technology and the finer things in life.

Connectronix doesn’t install equipment... they create an experience!
They create an improved lifestyle within your home. Systems are easier to use, making your home more enjoyable, and making you glad your home.
With Connectronix you don’t just gain the latest technology in a simple to use system, but you will gain friends that you can trust and are glad to be on your side. They don’t run the typical 9-5. They are available when you are... Day or Night, Weekdays or Weekends. They respect you, your home, and your schedule.
They spend the time to educate you, show you the available options, then with your help, custom design a system that is perfect for you and your family!

Connectronix is “Creative Options. Smart Solutions.”

Many Audio/Video Dealers use “Stock” photos throughout their website to show what they can do. They look great, but have been used in ads, magazines, and the like, but these are not their own. These do show what “can be done”, not “what they have done”. There is a difference!
Connectronix has been in business for over fourteen years, and we pride ourselves in the projects we’ve done and the relationships we’ve built. All of our photos, except for manufacturers product photos, logos, etc., are all our own, taken by us. These photos are used under consent of the Home Owner or specific Business Management.
Our photos are not examples of “what can be done”, but “What we can do for you!”

All photos are property of Connectronix and may not be used without written consent.